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Only One Second is a tactical stealth game in which you must make your way through a room without being seen, and you have only one second to do so.

You must be careful about how much noise you make, as the guards are feeling a little trigger happy, and will be distracted by the slightest sound. Can you take advantage of this? Do you have enough time to be silent?

Controls: Left click on buttons and highlighted (pink) points. Double click to confirm selection (or click Confirm? button).

If you need help, watch the Gameplay Demo video for hints.

Only One Second was made in Gamemaker Studio 2 is my submission to the GMTK Game Jam, with the theme Only One, and was made in less than 48 hours. This was my first game jam, but I hope not my last.

Any Feedback Appreciated!


Only One Second.zip 2 MB

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